02 June 2010


27 April 2010


if you're going to use my images on your facebook profile, at least let me know who you are: http://www.facebook.com/descendo

10 January 2010

not where you are

20 October 2009

black and white summer

24 September 2009

skipping ahead / no summer

We've lost a precious one, and gained some more (a close one in the middle, that has yet to be resolved) / "Time spent wishing..." / We agree that we start daily marathons... with a loss of breath at the starting line / What should've been done months ago is still in progress -- luck deals its hand and priorities change / I've had my first real experience as a replacement father figure / august 15th - husk /essem turns 4 / A spring-like summer within the four arches of Little Italy, no longer an exiled visitor, it is home again. I am not of italian decent, but I am welcome here. I can name other areas where I am not / I've been subject to fraudulent practices and now I can prove it; I'm slowly basking in the glow of justice and it feels deliciously evil / September 23rd marks the 11th anniversary / My love took me away from it all, just in time / I spent almost fifteen years on the west end and now I've spent one on the east; it is roughly five streets away and the morning sun hits the windows in the exact same way / David Pajo came to greet us at Osheaga (with the aid of a golf cart) / There hasn't been a single bottle of scotch in the apartment since December last year / I owe much; they do too / Apparently, roughly thirty years ago, breaking out a guitar would make you at least a couple hundred on the spot / There's a debate now on the imposed length of records; wether it was intentional or limited to a certain amount of time back in the day as opposed to the mediums that are available today... and I want nothing to do with it / Hippies choose awful colors with which to paint their apartments. Actually, I flat out don't care for hippies in any fashion. I am quite certain philosophy and clean hair can coexist (in mutual tolerance despite different ideologies, interests or a lack thereof) / It's an obvious fault to care a great deal -- just as it is not to / Just everyday observations / Delight is: the exact moment a thirty-something male realizes his nightlife game was born when Nirvana's "Nevermind" came out / One might find it trivial but I find it ever so compelling -- not at odds; at a distance / I've been getting generous loans and offerings from family and friends (always those that can't really afford to in the first place), to keep me going in the meantime -- see? you can say it / It isn't easy to throw away scribbles / I've been contemplating the establishment of a religion that would allow my children to carry firearms in class (at least a 9mm, anything that could counter a Kirpan). We will base the entirety of our lives on the laws and machinations of a threat-in-the-sky that we cannot see / Revolution later / "Don't know what you got 'til it's gone" I really do, but that won't stop it from leaving ("Time spent wishing...") / You can do both / I'm not being serious, I'm just saying. The pictures always spoke more than the words / Some sort of slow autumn, nobody really knows / I miss you so much /

18 August 2009

hang in there

30 May 2009

May wounds

A blend of sudden shocks and endless hours of waiting. And hope.

11 May 2009

04 May 2009

25 April 2009

North East Little Italy

16 April 2009

25 March 2009

Rencontres de l'Adisq 2009 / design honteux

À voir (et je ne peux même pas mettre un lien direct aux images -- c'est des SLICES!!) : Rencontres de l'Adisq 2009. Savez-vous à quel point c'est gênant lorsque je dois présenter le "cœur de l'industrie du disque au Québec" à mes clients/collègues en dehors du Canada? "Wow! So you guys in the francophone market are still hung up on The Matrix? Do you have the Internet up there yet? Mp3s?" -- incroyable (quoi que la majorité des tables ne savaient pas c'était quoi le Bit Torrent en 2004). Chialage et/ou faute grave soulignée, c'est certainement pas une bannière que je vais prôner fièrement (ou du tout).

update: oh que ça monte vite sur Google

18 March 2009

15 March 2009

10 March 2009

06 March 2009


I am about to release reworked sketchbook pieces as hors série prints; they date back to 2007 and they illustrate a group of two that harmed us, depicted as naked and vulnerable beneath the power. I might add full blocks of STRAIGHT bold/black text references above them, it will not be innovative, it will appear to lack ability in design and it does not matter; it is the purist mathematic art form (voir aussi; froid) that I adore.

26 February 2009

31 January 2009

Closure for Bill Hicks

Dare to offend | Bruce Dessau / Guardian.co.uk :"Fifteen years is a long time to wait but better late than never. On tonight's Late Show With David Letterman, Mary Hicks, the mother of iconic standup comedian Bill Hicks, will discuss her son, who died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 32 on 26 February 1994. More importantly, the show will finally air the Hicks routine that was dramatically cut from a Letterman show in October 1993." Read the rest at www.guardian.co.uk

23 January 2009


When I first heard of Montreal State Of Mind (aka MSOM) over on The Béhance Network, I was automatically weary of it. Call it force of habit (or experience), but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was devoid of any "Montrealer elitism" that I've come to find in my immediate circles over the years. A rare thing especially in the designer circuit (one that I've constantly criticized, a mes dépends). The blog is operated primarily by Monica Giliati & Jean-Aymeri De Magistris and its appeal is a genuine enthusiasm for creativity, local events and local artists (sans obvious agenda). I've recently joined as a guest author (see: here) and if all goes well I should add my latest work exclusively to their sister site: www.mtldesigners.com as soon as I'm done with the financial logistics of complete print packages. Thanks, MSOM!

20 January 2009

hmm this does not bode well for h/e

Most of the small shots posted on husk/essem came from a very weak yet reliable samsung mobile phone (1.3 megapixels to be exact) but I've always managed to clean them up for atmosphere's sake within Photoshop (secret tricks). I've even been able to pull off print versions of the collections, remember? // h/e photo collection prints // But I've recently switched phones and though the megapixels on my new razr are stronger, the results are not. I hate to carry around a huge camera, this goes hand in hand with the "moment publishing" that has become husk/essem; imperfect and intimate glimpses. The new photos are littered with screen lines which become all the more obvious once converted to grayscale. There might be a hiatus until I can get my hands on one of those nice 8 megapixel phones...

29 December 2008

25 December 2008

20 December 2008

15 December 2008